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Framed within the socio-critical and humanistic perspectives of our approach at the UNESCO Chair DCMET, democracy, global citizenship and transformative education are ideals to be pursued by building on the processes associated with the rights, needs and dignity of individuals and communities. In the following paragraphs, the logo of the UNESCO Chair DCMET is explained through its components (axes, elements, colors, figure and symbol) and in relation to their symbolic interrelatedness.


3 axes

  • Democracy (D);

  • Global Citizenship (CM);

  • Transformative Education (ET).


4 elements

  • Air: symbol of the gaseous state of matter;

  • Water: symbol of the liquid state of matter;

  • Earth: symbol of the solid state of matter;

  • Fire: symbol of energy.

4 colors

  • Green: associated with the element "Air" and nature, with its ecological character relative to "Oikos," which means the house of shared life;

  • Blue: associated with the element "Water", with its fluid character;

  • Brown: associated with the element "Earth", with its organic character;

  • Red-orange: associated with the element "Fire", its energetic nature and its character as a catalyst for transformations.

1 figure

The circle represents the circularity of natural phenomena and the time of events, as well as the interdependence of the phenomena of life. More specifically, the circle symbolizes the interdependence of the three thematic axes of this UNESCO Chair DCMÉT.

1 logo

For a coherent whole, the 3 axes: Democracy (Air / Green), Global Citizenship (Water / Blue) and Transformative Education (Earth / Brown) are connected by red-orange arrows (arcs), which symbolize the energy that is necessary to make the axes dialogue in their diversity, their complexity and their complementarity, but also in spite of their points of rupture and their tensions.

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