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UNESCO Chair DCMÉT Interview on democracy in Mongolia

Here is an interview the UNESCO Chair DCMÉT Chair-holder, Paul R. Carr, did with Jargal Defacto Media in Mongolia during our visit there in October 2019. See: https://www.facebook.com/paul.r.carr/posts/10157707555175396?notif_id=1573350726284386&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

Jargal directs a media project that includes independent television, social media, newspaper and other communications (https://jargaldefacto.com/page/about?lang=jp).

The concern over why "democracy" is not providing tangible gains for all of society is a major topic in this interview as well as in other discussions taking place in Mongolia.

Being there, and engaging with Mongolian colleagues, was a wonderful experience. Both of us (Paul R. Carr and Gina Thésée) learned a lot, and we're inspired by some of tremendous civil society work being undertaken there, including by our friend and colleague Tungalag Dondogdulam.

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