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UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development (Ottawa)(1)

The UNESCO Chair in Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education (DCMÉT) was among the 400 participants from around the world at the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development, held in Ottawa from March 6 through March 10, 2017. The event included workshops, plenary sessions, small- and large-group discussions, keynote speakers, and a range of cultural activities as well as more than 40 booths presenting a broad range of information on the

numerous initiatives taking place. Of particular note was the vibrant participation of young people at UNESCO Week, highlighting their work in global and participatory citizenship. The UNESCO Chair DCMÉT participated in an intergenerational dialogue on education in the 21st century, and also engaged with colleagues on peace, sustainable development and global citizenship throughout the event. Many promising partnerships were developed, including with NGOs, research centers and organizations in South Korea, India, Senegal, France and in Latin America. For more information on UNESCO Week, please visit:

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