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Presentations and Workshops in Guadalajara

The Chair-holder and Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair in DCMÉT were invited by the Ministry of Education of the State of Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico, to deliver presentations, including keynote addresses, and workshops, at their First Annual Conference on Psycho-Pedagogy.

Paul R. Carr and Gina Thésée delivered four keynote addresses (on education for democracy, racism and identity in education, democratic models for education, and social justice in education) and two workshops (on inclusive education and critical media literacy). One of the keynote addresses was at a university. In addition, they had meetings with colleagues at three universities, and visited two schools as well as having a series of meetings with representatives from the teacher's union, members of the Ministry of Education, and others involved in education.

We established relationships with colleagues at the Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara ( the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Unidad (141 Gdl) (

Here are some links to some of the presentations and workshops:

La búsqueda de la democracia en todos los lugares equivocados: Reimaginando la educación y la democracia en conjunto:

Las sociedades racializadas y la blanquitud: Educación, democracia y justicia social:

Los medios, la alfabetización mediática y su relación con la democracia:

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