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Book Review: Education for Democracy 2.0: Changing Frames of Media Literacy

UNESCO Chair DCMÉT members (Michael Hoechsmann, member of the Executive Committee, Gina Thésée, Co-Chair, and Paul R. Carr, Chair) recently published a book entitled:

Hoechsmann, Michael, Thésée, Gina & Carr, Paul R. (eds.). (2019). Education for Democracy 2.0: Changing Frames of Media Literacy, Rotterdam: Brill/Sense

The book has just been reviewed in Teachers College Record by Deidre Clary and Mary E. Styslinger of the University of South Carolina.


"Drawing on contributions from 31 authors and four continents, Education for Democracy 2.0: Changing Frames of Media Literacy, Volume 6 in Brill’s Critical Media Literacies Series, addresses the intersection of new media democracy and media information literacy (MIL). Increasingly, media is being used to manipulate the public imagination. The editors argue for the revision of educational models to attend to new contexts and challenges, encouraging the deployment of transformative education including social media as a tool for social emancipation. Hoechsmann, Thésée, and Carr utilize this text as a platform for challenging hegemonic power relations and social injustices, bringing together authors whose focus is the critical potential of digital tools and re-purposing of education across “multiple locations that help stimulate, cultivate, stretch and contest the boundaries of democracy, citizen engagement and education” (p. 6). They are particularly concerned with the meaning and fields of formal and non-formal education, and their capacity for conceptualizing and cultivating a more critically engaged democracy. This book provides a space for experimentation and dialogue of transformative educational praxis."

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