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Participation in Global Citizenship Education Workshops in Seoul (Aug/Sep 2018)

September 7, 2018


We have just returned from 10 days in Seoul to deliver workshops, participate in a conference and engage with colleagues from South Korea and around the world in relation to Global Citizenship Education (GCED). We thank our wonderful colleagues at the Asia-Pacific Center for Education on International Understanding (APCEIU), who hosted the events but who did so much more, including organizing social activities, interactions, learning at a range of levels and also, and most importantly, facilitating the coming-together of diverse peoples, ideas, perspectives, experiences and realities to meaningfully develop GCED. We were moved and touched by the human and humane environment and engagement that we experienced. The workshops were extremely important, and we learned a great deal as we developed and implemented them (and hope that the participants did as well). In particular, we learned that we must continue to construct GCED together if it is to be a transformative educational project. In sum, we were delighted to have met so many wonderful colleagues (and friends) in Seoul at the APCEIU workshops and conference, and hope that the relationship will continue. And we extend our most heartfelt thanks and salutations to all of the participants in the workshops.

Paul R. Carr & Gina Thésée